Global Security Solutions

GSS provides the most advanced and relevant security solutions delivered to high-value and high-risk discriminating clientele worldwide. GSS combines unparalleled business acumen with real world threat mitigation.

Eric F. Wilson – Global Security Solutions, Inc.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Wilson started Global Security Solutions back in 2012 and currently holds the CEO role within the company offering advanced security solutions and security organization business optimization programs domestically and internationally. Prior to starting Global Security Solutions he joined Wackenhut Nuclear Service as Vice President of Special Operations in 2004 and designed, developed and implemented the current program utilized today by the U.S. government to conduct exercises for U.S. critical infrastructure facilities.

In 2004, Mr. Wilson formed a new division within Wackenhut called Energy Consulting Services, to provide advanced solutions to a variety of different commercial industries, domestically and internationally. Mr. Wilson later became Vice President of Operations and, in 2007, held the position of President of the business unit, where he designed and initiated a strategic plan to transition the division into a true revenue and profit generating entity utilizing “lean” principles, delivering a 300% increase in EBITA in 24 months. This vision and subsequent company would ultimately become G4S RSS, Inc.

Mr. Wilson was appointed Chief Executive Officer G4S RSS, a G4S operating company headquartered in the United States, providing solutions globally. He had the additional role of being Subject Matter Expert (SME) and point of contact for all Nuclear Security across the world.

During his tenure, Mr. Wilson was also involved with acquisitions to address gap analysis opportunity areas, in line with the company’s strategic vision to become a holistic solutions provider to its customer base. Additionally, Mr. Wilson has been a part of the initial analysis and subsequent due diligence process.

Wilson also brings significant experience in media relations and political interaction. He has gained this experience not only through a variety of world class training involving media relations, but also the execution of such knowledge to include interviews with; CBS, NBC, New York Times, Washington Post, and many others. His political sector experience spans televised testimonies to the United States Congress, meeting with special interest groups throughout the country and developing strong, positive relationships with government regulators and agencies, senators, U.S. Presidents and others. Mr. Wilson has been able to establish a positive and consistent communications strategy in our nation’s capital in order to better drive strategy that is affected by the ever-changing political landscape.

In addition to the establishment of regularly scheduled and consistent communications within the highest levels of business and government, Mr. Wilson is also a leader that demonstrates his commitment to team members at all levels. In 2006 Mr. Wilson visited his employees that were part of our United States reserve forces called to active duty in Iraq. Mr. Wilson traveled to and throughout the country of Iraq, locating employees to show his and the company’s appreciation.

Prior to joining G4S, Wilson owned his own advanced security services company, providing risk and business consulting to customers across the globe.

Mr. Wilson also comes from a military special operations background having been a Special Forces Operator in the U.S. Army Green berets and also serving in the infamous Special Operations Unit “75th Ranger Regiment”.

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