Knowledge Experts

Global Security Solutions, Inc. is (GSS), staffed not only with the most knowledgeable and experienced security experts the world has to offer from Military Special Operations community across the globe and other Government Agencies, but C-Level Business Executives because we understand the “Business” of security. Additionally, GSS has chosen to stay small yet specialized to provide the highest value while maintaining its agility to adapt to various clients situations across the world. Thus, every project has the oversight of GSS’s founder (condensed bio below) Eric F. Wilson.

Assess & Design

Providing solutions from assessments of current overall security
architecture to designing new solutions covering procedural,
physical & electronic security


GSS evaluates current security architecture and probes
for efficiencies to maximize the level of resiliency for
in place infrastructure


When it comes to areas of continuity and disaster recovery, these
items are typically overlooked but equally important to have on hand in
case the need ever arises. Let GSS help your organization develop plans
which look closely at coordination for asset recovery

Technology Solutions

GSS offers our clients a large repository of information concerning security hardware in the marketplace through benchmarking and experience. We conduct due diligence on your behalf to ensure that you not only receive the most effective security solution and design, but, through benefit analyses, you can make the right business decision.


GSS offers innovative training from the most elite tactical trainers in the world. We stay current from not only a defensive fighting force perspective but also an adversarial perspective from real world experience across the globe.

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