Explosive and Mechanical Testing & Analysis

Analysis of Sub Systems and Delay to Target

Whether it’s a nuclear reactor or a high value vault for sensitive or important information or materials GSS can provide explosive and mechanical testing at our location. We can do this not only of the target itself but the component pieces that may indirectly affect the target allowing us to develop mitigation measures to protect you and your assets such as; pipes, valves, fencing, generators, concrete barriers, vehicle barrier systems, ballistic resistant enclosures/defensive positions, doors, walls, etc. Additionally, we provide Explosive Preventative and Reactionary Training – Provided by the best trained explosive engineers in the world.

explosions, tank, exercise-3591.jpg
  • Barrier explosive breaching
  • Barrier mechanical breaching
  • Target explosive breaching
  • Situational analysis and preventative measures
  • Improvised and conventional explosive calculation instruction
  • Scenario assessment and response strategies

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