GSS optimization services assist our clients in being appropriately secured while utilizing lean methodologies to reduce recurring costs and maximizing core business profit.

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Business Optimization

GSS, Inc. understands the business of security. While GSS has actual operation experience in mitigating today’s adversary and is staffed with the most knowledgeable security experts in the industry from such backgrounds as the U.S. Delta-Force, SEALs, Green Berets, DOE, and other Government Agencies, we understand business.

Our methodologies are tried and proven operationally both domestically and abroad against the adversary. GSS knows that making the right security recommendation is only half the solution. The Executive decision makers are still left with figuring out what the most cost-effective approach to solution implementation will be. That is why GSS has integrated superior business skill sets into our solution. Focusing on providing our clients options for success based off of the conduction of Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA), or the establishment of a business case.

In other words, not only will GSS assist you through the utilization of our unsurpassed knowledge of the adversary, industry regulations, and real-world threat to create the right security architecture, we will also provide you with options based off your approved expenditure.

Evolve, Adapt, Evaluate

As a business or organizations within a business evolves, the potential for diminished operational efficiency exists. It is important to continually assess the vision and direction of the organization against that of day to day operations and the current threat. In order to operate efficiently it is vital to ensure that either; day to day operations remain in line with the vision and strategic direction or that the vision and direction are adjusted according to current and forecasted market trends as well as product/service demands.

Global Security Solutions will provide in depth analysis of our clients current operations identifying areas unaligned with the current vision as well as those areas providing an opportunity for increased efficiency and/or a reduction in operating costs. Solutions can range from  retrenchment, technological improvements, relocation, consolidation of services as well improvements to current operating procedures and process management.

As solutions are evaluated and implemented, it is vital to consistently evaluate the impact of each solution on the quality of the product or service offered. Global Security Solutions will work with our clients, from analysis through implementation, to ensure the best possible operational model is achieved addressing quality, efficiency and productivity.

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Holistic Technology Security Solutions

GSS knows what systems work. Our technology solutions are one of our most sought after offerings thanks to the overall positive effect on core business through the mitigation of recurring costs. We have designed technology strategies and holistic solutions for 100’s of high value and critical infrastructure sites. We focus on the most beneficial solutions that can best integrate with or supplement existing systems. GSS has also tested 100’s of products from an adversarial point of view so that we intimately know what will meet your requirements.

GSS also has a dedicated program that analyzes available products for; quality, scalability, service, and cost. These key performance indicators (KPIs) are measured against comparable products and audited yearly for vendors to obtain a GSS “Best in Class” rating. Our goal is to provide our customers with true peace of mind that costs have been allocated wisely. The end result is an effective technology solution that takes the onus off of our customers and ensures that they receive exactly what they need and want to accomplish their objectives. At the end of the day, we guarantee a quality solution that can grow and adapt with the evolving security technologies.

From Access Control, Unattended Ground Sensors, Pulsed IR, Pressure Plates, to CCTV, Analytics, Thermal Motion Detection, and Remote Operated Weapons Systems we can design and integrate the right solution for your threat parameters.

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