Assess & Design

Whether you have a mature security architecture that already exist, or a new facility/build is forecasted. GSS provides solutions from assessments of current overall holistic security architecture to designing from the ground up solutions to include procedural, physical, and electronic security.  

Risk Assessment & Management

Thorough analysis of all aspects of your security posture. These assessments are only completed by Special

Operations personnel tapered with high level business acumen.


  •   Current Threat Internal/External Defined
  •   Perimeter Defenses
  •   Likely Breach Points and calculated delay times
  •   Training
  •   Check Point Operations
  •   Likely avenues of approach to include under water or waterborne threat
  •   Response Strategy


  •   Counter Surveillance
  •   Scenario Development
  •   Target Analysis
  •   Explosive calculation and likely placement
  •   Delay times for obstacles
  •   Vehicle bomb threat and threat interdiction and deterrence
  •   Tabletop Drills
  •   Penetration Testing & Force on Force Drills


  •   Through a documented and verbal After Actions Review (AAR) process
  •   Response strategy enhancements
  •   Physical security improvements to deter manual and explosive breaching
  • Technology Solutions

Barrier Identification and Mitigation

There are many questions on delay times and what a client must be prepared for concerning delay characteristics of physical barriers, and as many questions as there are, there are even more answers. So many inconsistencies lead to confusion. While GSS is confident that it is unsurpassed in knowledge of this area not only through dealing with explosives since our conception but in real world application, we understand the confusion in the global market and offer this solution. GSS is capable of not only giving the client the most accurate information based on experience but also offers the client the ability to have questionable obstacles explosively breached by GSS, and thus providing the client irrefutable video footage and documented proof should it be needed for future validation as well as to provide assistance in constructing response courses of actions. 

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